Treasures in Untouched Japan

Rural Japan is home to a wealth of yet-untapped seaweed processing technologies. Historically, there has been no way to actively market or employ these technologies on a global scale. Our company, however, is able to reach these underserved regions and bright to light high-value, unique technologies for the betterment of local communities and international sustainability efforts.

Case study

Ina Food Industries

One of Cashi Cake Inc.'s corporate partners is Ina Food Industries, located in Nagano Prefecture. Ina handles about 80% of the Japanese kanten (agar-agar) market and offers unique product lines such as "Kantenpa PaPa", popular make-at-home kanten-based starter mixes. Ina Food Industry provides Cashi Cake's kanten powder and actively collaborates in U.S. promotional efforts.

Tottori Industrial Technology Center

We successfully co-developed technology with Tottori Prefecture and the Tottori Industrial Technology Center to encapsulate high-ABV and low pH (acidic) liquids (such as orange juice) in any shape and size using marine-plant-based materials. The patent application for this technology is currently being processed.

Marine Open Innovation (MaOI)

We have begun joint research on seaweed-derived lactic acid bacteria and joint development of a new functional beverage brand, "OoMee," with Shizuoka Prefecture and the Marine Open Innovation (MaOI) Organization.