Our contributions move towards a society that enriches people, the earth, and the future.

Cashi Cake Inc. is a Los- Angeles-based seaweed technology company founded in September 2019. We operate with the mission that “our contributions help create a society that enriches people, the earth, and the future.” Our multi-pronged development strategy capitalizes on the potential of blue carbon and promotes human longevity. Cashi Cake Inc.’s development operations extend to food products, alternative plastic containers, medical capsules, and our proprietary seaweed processing technology.

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Treasures in Untouched Japan

Cashi Cake contributes to regional development by uncovering technologies that lie dormant in local areas, then working together to build global sales channels.

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Alissa Miky
Alissa Miky

Alissa, our founder, is a Japanese social entrepreneur. She became the youngest awardee of Forbes Japan 100 Women in 2019, the same year she was named a Business Insider Japan "Game Changer". Alissa ranked in the 100 Top Faces of the Year in 2021 and was named among the New Culturepreneur 30 in 2023.

Alissa was born in 1992 in New York. She graduated from the Waseda University School of Law, where she participated in the launch of a preserved-flower e-commerce brand. The project quickly rose to a #1 spot on Rakuten, Japan's No. 1 e-commerce platform. After graduation, Alissa worked for a foreign-affiliated manufacturer, where she led CRM as the first new graduate to join their marketing department. Later, Alissa helped launch a new brand at a Japanese sake venture and a new business at Fujimaki Department Store, a Japan-themed boutique. Alissa also worked as a new business development manager for an Israeli-specialty trading company, achieving record sales in six months.

However, Cashi Cake's story begins when she lost a relative living in the U.S. to diabetes. In Japan, there is medical evidence that seaweed is effective against developing type-2 diabetes, but it is not easily accessible worldwide. To combat this, Alissa founded the Marine Plant-Based Technology Company that would evolve into today's Cashi Cake in September 2019. Purposing the world's most advanced blue carbon and marine plant processing technology to promote health and longevity, Cashi Cake Inc. develops food products, alternative plastic containers, and medical capsules.

One of our most well-known brands is Misaky.Tokyo, which combines contemporary marine plant-based wellness and traditional Japanese confections into inspired treats. Misaky.Tokyo has collaborated with Kim Kardashian, whose audience includes a massive 1.9 million TikTok followers. The brand has also gained over 1.4M followers and 650M views on TikTok and has catered PGA Tour, Academy, and Emmy Awards pre-events.

In October 2023, Cashi Cake Inc. filed a joint patent application with the Tottori Industrial Technology Center in Japan for the world's first successful method of packaging high-ABV beverages with marine-plant-based materials.

In 2024, Cashi Cake plans to launch OoMee, the world's first functional seaweed beverage in retail stores. OoMee was selected as a finalist for best new plant-forward product at the 2023 Expo West NEXTY awards, the largest food trade show in the U.S.

Outside of her accomplishments with Cashi Cake Inc., Alissa is active as an influencer and television personality in Japan and the U.S. She is the first Japanese woman to be selected for the U40 Program of the Milken Institute, the largest economic conference in the U.S. Alissa is also a news commentator on the television news show “Bankisha” viewed by over 15M Japanese people annually.

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Company Name
Cashi Cake inc.
Head office location
2447 Pacific Coast Highway, 2nd Floor Hermosa Beach, California 90254 United States of America
Alissa Miky
Business details
Seaweed biotech startup developing food and beverage products, medical capsules, and plastic alternatives.